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Freshly dug field drainage ditch showing soil stratification under a sky with dark clouds

THOR hydraulic plate compactors

Harness the impressive capabilities of THOR hydraulic plate compactors – the ultimate solution for achieving precise soil density and stability. With a strong focus on precision engineering and unwavering commitment to quality, THOR compactors excel ensuring reliable soil compaction across a wide range of applications.

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  • Commercial Hydraulic Components
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Sized for all applications

Understanding the Mechanics: How THOR Hydraulic Plate Compactors Work

Efficient Soil Compaction Solutions
  • Construction Sites:
    Ensure the stability of trenches, foundations, and backfills with THOR compactors’ effective compaction.
  • Roadwork Projects:
    Achieve thorough compaction of base materials and asphalt layers, contributing to durable road construction.
  • Landscaping:
    Establish a solid base for pathways and hardscapes with the confidence provided by THOR compactors.

Understanding the Mechanics: How THOR Hydraulic Plate Compactors Work

THOR hydraulic plate compactors draw power from the auxiliary hydraulic oil flow of the host machine. When the host machine’s hydraulic system is activated, the essential components of the compactor are set into motion.

The fundamental efficiency of hydraulic plate compactors is rooted in their vibratory mechanism. Comprising an eccentric rotating shaft, a weight, and a base plate, this mechanism is driven by hydraulic power. As hydraulic energy courses through the compactor, the eccentric shaft begins to rotate. This rotation, coupled with the offset weight, generates strong vibrations.

These vibrations, initiated by the eccentric shaft, travel through to the compactor’s base plate. This plate establishes direct contact with the soil requiring compaction. As the base plate vibrates, these vibrations transmit through the soil particles beneath. This process leads to the repositioning and compaction of soil particles, ultimately resulting in improved soil stability.

Thor hydraulic plate compactors are engineered with a focus on optimal compaction results. The synergy of high-frequency vibrations and compaction force induces a kneading effect within the soil. This effect eradicates voids, encouraging particle cohesion. The outcome is heightened soil density and minimized voids.

Operators retain control over vibration intensity and compaction force. The hydraulic system’s pressure and flow rate can be adjusted to achieve the desired compaction results based on soil characteristics and project requirements.

Versatility and Durability: THOR’s Commitment

THOR hydraulic plate compactors are designed for long-lasting performance. Their sturdy construction is supported by a 2-year factory warranty, providing assurance with each purchase.

Engineered for excellence, our compactors deliver superior performance across diverse applications. The variety of plate sizes and designs ensures a suitable match for your project’s needs, whether it involves confined spaces or expansive areas.

Safe, Efficient, and Cost-Effective:

Using a THOR compactor prioritises safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Easily attaching to excavators and backhoe loaders, they grant operators access to challenging or restricted spaces. Whether tackling steep slopes, navigating trenches, or manoeuvring around obstacles, THOR compactors excel, operating efficiently with minimal ground disruption.

Embrace Excellence with THOR:

THOR’s legacy is synonymous with reliability, meticulous engineering, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. By choosing THOR, you’re investing in a product that consistently surpasses expectations. For inquiries, technical specifications, and tailored recommendations, connect with our dedicated experts – your guide to achieving superior soil compaction across a range of applications.


Send us the make and model of your machine(s) for information and an obligation-free quote on the best sized THOR Post Driver, Rock Breaker or Compaction Plate to suit your specific needs.