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THOR Hydraulic Pile Drivers

Looking for a reliable and efficient solution to drive piles for jetties, pontoons, marinas, sea walls, soil conservation and more? Thor’s Silenced, Triple Mount Hydraulic Pile Driver + Rock Breaker combinations are the perfect solution. The Thor Pile Driver + Rock Breaker combination’s versatility,  adaptability and precision make it an indispensable attachment across various applications in marine, waterway and land construction including:

  • Oyster leases
  • Seawalls and slipways
  • Boardwalks, jetty, wharf and pontoon construction
  • Mooring piles/ pile driving
  • Bridges
  • Marinas
  • Riverbank and estuary erosion control
  • Log pens
  • Pile foundations, etc.

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Redefining Marine & Waterway and Pile Construction in Australia

Thor Silenced Hydraulic Pile Drivers + Rock Breaker combinations are efficient, reliable, and adaptable to various marine, waterway and land construction projects. Here are some of the key benefits:

Powerful and Efficient:

Thor hydraulic pile drivers are capable of delivering high impact energy to drive piles into the seabed effectively. This power allows them to handle various pile types and sizes, ensuring efficient and rapid pile installation, which is crucial in marine/waterway projects with tight schedules.

Suitable for Soft and Hard Seabeds:

Australia’s marine/waterway environments can vary from soft sediment to rocky seabeds. Thor hydraulic pile drivers are versatile and can be adjusted to accommodate different seabed conditions, making them ideal for a wide range of marine construction projects.

Precise and Controlled Installation:

Thor hydraulic pile drivers offer precise control over pile placement, ensuring accurate positioning and vertical alignment. This precision is critical in marine structures like piers, bridges, and offshore platforms, where structural integrity is paramount.

Increased Safety:

Thor’s silenced hydraulic pile drivers have been engineered with an advanced low noise shell and patented vibration protection system that reduces the impact on the host machine.  This also provides a safer working environment for the operator and is better for working in populated areas.

Easy Transportation and Installation:

Thor hydraulic pile drivers have a high power to weight ratio making them easier to transport to remote marine/waterway construction sites. Quick setup and installation save valuable time during project execution.

Low Maintenance:

Thor hydraulic pile drivers are known for their durability and reliability. With only two moving internal parts, they are easily maintained, can withstand harsh marine conditions, and perform consistently over extended periods.


The inclusion of a rock-breaking chisel and the ability to bolt the excavator pick up to the top of the Thor hydraulic pile driver enhances its versatility by enabling it to perform heavy demolition work (concrete, rock etc) efficiently to prepare construction sites prior to pile installation, reducing project time and costs. Thor hydraulic pile drivers can handle a variety of pile materials, including steel, concrete, timber, and composite piles. Their adaptability makes them suitable for diverse marine and land construction projects, from small harbor installations to larger pile foundations and bridge, marina structures.


Thor hydraulic pile drivers are fair and reasonably priced with a range of models to suit small to large platform machines. Together with their easy transportability, efficiency, and low maintenance costs they make a sound investment for both short term projects and long-term construction use.

THOR has a comprehensive range of different model hydraulic pile drivers, pickups and mounts to suit machines from 800 kgs – 35 tonnes including:


Send us the make and model of your machine(s) for information and an obligation-free quote on the best sized THOR Post Driver, Rock Breaker or Compaction Plate to suit your specific needs.