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Models to suit: Mini Loaders • Skid Steers • Mini – Large Platform Excavators • Loaders • Tractors • Telehandlers

THOR hydraulic post drivers

The THOR Silenced Hydraulic Post Driver + Rock Breaker combination offers a range of distinct advantages that position it as a premier solution for various agricultural and construction tasks including:

  • fast and easy post driving and fencing
  • steel yard construction
  • driving vineyard and orchard supports
  • solar panel mounting
  • erosion control and river debris barriers
  • rock breaking and excavation
  • rock breaking and excavation
  • demolition and deconstruction
  • concrete and asphalt cutting
  • log/firewood splitting
  • infrastructure and road construction
  • and landscaping.

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Unmatched Versatility: One Attachment, Countless Applications

The THOR Silenced Hydraulic Post Driver is a powerhouse, capable of handling diverse applications. From rapid post driving and fencing to complex tasks like infrastructure construction and rock breaking, this attachment eliminates the need for multiple specialised tools and materials. Its multifunctional capabilities streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

THOR has a comprehensive range of different sized hydraulic post drivers, pickups and mounts to suit machines from 800 kgs – 35 tonnes including:

Mini Loaders;
Skid Steers;
Mini, midi and large platform excavators;
Loaders and

THOR has a comprehensive range of different model hydraulic post drivers, pickups and mounts to suit machines from 800 kgs – 35 tonnes including:

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Versatile! Skid Steer Post Driver
Thor Penetrates and Drives!
Post Choice

Maximising Efficiency: Rapid Post Driving and More

Powered by the renowned SB Power Cell and operating at an impressive 16.5 Bar Nitrogen gas pressure, the attachment generates impactful joules of energy. This robust force translates into rapid and precise post installation without the need for concrete, reducing labour, time, and costs. Thor post drivers significantly accelerate tasks, allowing users to accomplish more in less time.

Advanced Noise Reduction and Vibration Control

The noise in hydraulic post drivers originates from the impact between the tool and the driven post, producing both sound waves and vibrations. THOR’s silenced hydraulic post drivers feature an advanced low noise shell that dampens sound waves. A vibration protection system minimises vibrations sent to the host machine and surroundings, protecting the host machine’s pins and bushes and enhancing comfort and noise reduction for operators. This design is compliant for populated areas.

Built to Last: Superior Durability for Demanding Work

The engineered design and meticulous construction of THOR Post Drivers and Rock Breakers ensure longevity and durability. They are manufactured with a premium heat-treated high-strength steel alloy formulated to guarantee strength and robustness, enabling them to withstand the intense pressures and stresses generated by their powerful impact force. Thor models are equipped with rust-resistant nickel-plated bolts, flash-chromed pins and bosses, as well as high-quality industrial-painted power cells.

THOR’s piston-driven mechanism, featuring only two moving internal parts, minimizes the need for after-sales maintenance or repairs. This design approach maximizes reliability, providing farmers and contractors with a robust tool that can endure the demanding conditions of agricultural and construction work in Australia’s often harsh environment.

Effortless Operation: Designed with Users in Mind

THOR post drivers are designed for quick and easy attachment to various host machines ensuring operators can get to work within minutes.

Changing between post-driving tools, hole making tools or to the chisel for rock breaking, is fast and easy, streamlining work processes and minimising downtime.

Thor’s heavy duty mounts for skid steers, tractors, loaders and telehandlers are made from 16mm and 20mm plate. Weighing 200 – 250kgs with slanted legs, they are the most stable on the market with no danger of falling over when not in use and detached from the host machine.

Support Beyond Expectations: Tailored Assistance for Your Needs

With over 30 years in business and 40 years of trade qualified industry experience, THOR understands the unique requirements and challenges faced by farmers and contractors. The company’s approach is to work with the equipment that customers already have and to understand not only their goals, but their challenges to ensure they are provided with a solution to meet their specific needs.

Extensive warranties, comprehensive mechanical backup, readily available parts, and expert advice reinforce Thor’s dedication to customer satisfaction.

Smart Investment: Cost-Effective Solutions for Every Task

The THOR Silenced Hydraulic Post Driver presents a cost-effective solution for farmers, contractors and machinery owners. By eliminating the need for multiple specialised tools, materials such as concrete and reducing labour and time requirements, the attachment optimises operational costs. Furthermore, Thor’s dedication to providing fair and reasonable pricing makes owning a Thor post driver a viable option.


Send us the make and model of your machine(s) for information and an obligation-free quote on the best sized THOR Post Driver, Rock Breaker or Compaction Plate to suit your specific needs.